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:: Overview of OneVoice ::
:: Overview of OneVoice ::

We built this community as a discussion forum, so that all sides can be heard.

In today's digital age, the sources of information we have for research and sense-making are coming from a small number of sources, or are hidden behind private social media networks.

We have built the OneVoice community at to allow for the people (that means you!) to be heard, share your voice, and unify in our differences. By sharing your perspective, you help others who also land on this content, so that they can learn and make their own mind up.

We at don't have the answers. What we have is a platform to host the conversation. 

Will you join us in our mission?

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If at this moment in time you are still wondering whether or not taking proper precautions for avoid more deaths by COVID19, there is something wrong with this society. We should we selfish and put the collective above our own preferences and act accordingly. In the end we all benefit.
This is a clip from a youtube video I saw from the Next News Network.

I think what he has to say is important for everyone to hear. There are so many excellent points he makes in this video.

I am attaching a clip below.